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Spam - The Endless Ones
Welcome to the World of The Endless. They are the basis of every basic human emotion, of every driving force in the universe. Not gods, they’ll be there long after all of the gods have faded away. They are endless, only when life ends, so will they.

But even they have family troubles. What siblings wouldn’t be at each other’s throats at times when having to live with each other for untold millennia?

Welcome to a place where Death is perky, Dream is a romantic fool, Despair is a fat little woman, Desire is an “it”, Destruction has walked out on his family and duty, and Delight has become Delirium.

Dream, the second oldest brother was captured for seventy years and just now has returned to re-assume his place in the universe. As he rebuilds his kingdom he finds himself in the middle of events that will change himself, and the universe forever.

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Endless Nights
thoughts are endless